One IV per month: 3 month commitment.

Essential IV – $139 per month (regularly $149). Choose from:

Hydrate and Build a Bag – Customize your own formula with any of our nutraceutical boosters
Rise and Shine – Great for low energy, chronic fatigue or mood improvement
Immunity – Prevent and recover from illness
Supa Gluta – Boost immunity and energy. Glutathione mega dose

Supreme – $159 per month (regularly $179). Choose from:

Myers Cocktail – Great overall health
Alleviate – Great for low energy levels
I’ll never drink again – Recover from the party with Zofran if necessary
Beauty – Promote sin, hair and nail growth
Brain Power – Enhance daily cognition to improve focus
Zen – Decrease anxiety and increase relaxation

Deluxe $169 per month (regularly $199). Choose from:

Pregame – Enhance athletic performance
Athletic Recovery – Shortens recovery time after an injury or intense training
Migraine Relief – Helps alleviate and prevent migraine symptoms
Brain Power – Enhances daily cognition and improve focus

Year-round IV Therapy Membership

Function your best year-round with CryoOH IV Membership. This monthly membership includes
your selection of an IV each month. As an added bonus you may receive a FREE monthly b12


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme found in all living cells. Children produce massive amounts of NAD+ during development stages and have the ability to learn and retain quickly. As we age, levels decline and we stop producing NAD+. With a load in and monthly maintenance doses you can reduce brain fog and increase cognitive function. Studies show NAD+ IV administration can help adults with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and MS.

NAD+ load of 5 infusions plus monthly maintenance for 3 months: 3 month commitment.
BONUS: Glutathione injection with each infusion.

250ml $1595 for first load in 5 infusions and 3 months of maintenance. Regularly $1990

500ml $2300 for the first load in of 5 infusions and 2 months of maintenance. Regularly $2875

750ml $2875 for the first load in of 5 infusions and 2 months of maintenance Regularly $3595

1000ml $3500 for the first lad in of 5 infusions and 2 months of maintenance Regularly $4392


Join us for Fire, ICE and Light. Depending on your schedule and goals, do what the Europeans have been doing for decades. Get HOT in the infrared sauna and challenge your body to make some Heat Shock Proteins. FREEZE in the Whole Body Cryo Chamber and allow your body to increase oxygen, norepinephrine, dopamine, and improve your mood. Lastly, nurture the body in Red Light Therapy.
With a 3 month commitment of any of the above memberships, guest may have an IM shot of their choice once a month, a $105 value

Essential PLUS $150 – 8 wellness services and daily compression

Supreme PLUS $250 – 20 wellness services and daily compression

Deluxe PLUS $349 – unlimited use of all wellness services and 2 guest passes


Tone muscle, target deep tissue and tighten skin. Transform the body layer by layer with two world-class body treatments. Combine the award winning PHYSIQ which uses step (sequential thermal and electrical pulse) programs composed of deep heat and muscle stimulation. During the 12 week program there will be deep microneedling to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin that tightens and lifts the skin in the targeted area.

$3500 for a 12 week program – FSA and HSA accepted. Payment plans available.


$350 – Sulfate free. Two month treatment plan under the guidance of Dr. Jon Van Zile.
Receive IM injections as directed. The IM injection comprised of:
B6 promotes red blood cell production and converts food to energy
Methionine Helps break down sugars and carbohydrates and make them energy
Inositol convert food to energy
Choline Cuts muscle recovery time and, converts fat to energy
Carnitine Improves fat metabolism and energy


$300 – Consume within 3 months. Regularly $580.
May receive up to 2 shots per week of any of the following:
Biotin – Increases hair and nail growth, helps manage blood sugar levels
Glutathione – Powerful antioxidant, Improves energy level, supports anti- aging
Mineral Blend – Reverse the effects of dehydration, remove toxins from your body
B12 – Increase energy and enhance mood
Amino Blend – Improves athletic performance
B Vita Complex blend – (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) – Powerful antioxidants that boost energy,
metabolism, mental health and immunity
Carnitine – Improves fat metabolism and energy
CoQ10 – Improves overall cardiovascular health
Taurine – Improves sports performance and cardiovascular health
Lipo B – Reduces body fat, helps cleanse the liver, combats against stress and fatigue
Lysine – An essential amino acid, promotes collagen production – reduces feelings of anxiety
Toradol – Pain reliever can be utilized as a migraine/headache aborative
Zofran – Anti-nausea/vomiting


Book your Cryo Party and bond with teammates or work friends! We will close our facility to the public and the place is yours! For $85 per person you may use all our wellness services. Cryo as a team, Sweat out frustrations as a group, Nurture all your goals with PBM, compress and relax we got this. Five person minimum. Call for details and time limits.